Sunday, December 25, 2011


GO F A BURD is a unique, 3 part release, which includes a mashup album, a video game, and a dj mix of video game music. Every part of the GO F A BURD bundle is it's own handmade physical release, all of which you can get for free with the price of shipping.

GO F A BURD (15 copies, various formats)

Made from around 2009-2011, we pieced this this together using HLDJ on our respective computers, trolling in goldsrc & source games such as TFC and Synergy. Every copy is totally unique and recycled, some packaged in video game cartridges, others in little handmade pieces of art. The audio is mastered in beautiful 11025 hz for authenticity. First 5 sent off will include a special numbered packet.

Formats include:






"i loved the packaging"

-7u?, aka DJ Rainbow Ejaculation

THE LAKE 1 & 2 (50 copies, CD)

The Lake is a game about a dog. It was made in a few days, includes 7 action packed levels, and lots of midis. The Lake 2 is a game about the same dog, out for revenge. It was made over about a year, includes cutscenes, drama, action, and romance. There are 12 huge levels, filled to the brim with challenges, secrets, and enemies to fight. There are even 3 different endings depending on how you play the game.

"i think a day at the lake 2 is not olny the best gaem i played all night
but the only indy game beter than bubba goes number 2"

-ROCKCOCK64, The Best Gamers

VGM MIX (50 copies, CD)

I made this mix using entirely music and sounds from video games, using about 100 themes and a few sound effects, crammed into a little over 20 minutes. The games used span a wide range, with new and old, and console and PC games. The discs are hand painted and packaged in sleeves individually made from pages of NES era Nintendo Power.

"extremely well done"

-Fluorescent Grey, Record Label Records


email me at, and include which parts of the bundle you want, your address, and the email address for your paypal account. If you are ordering GO F A BURD and you cannot use one of the formats listed, please say so in the email.

I will put together your package, weigh it, calculate the cost to ship it, and send you a paypal invoice for that. (no additional charges, etc, I promise.) As soon as you pay, I will ship your package.

Merry Christmas!